Is it time to take reincarnation seriously?

I get goose-bumps when I watch documentaries in which small kids describe places and experiences that baffle their parents. When they actually get to visit the places they’ve talked about they can recall every single inch of them. And what about “deathmarks”?

Spots on the skin or blemishes that appear on newborns have sometimes been said to be marks of death from previous lives, like cuts or bullet wounds for example. These concepts and ideas have been following humanity all the way through from the ancient civilizations. What if life goes on after death by the soul moving into a new body?

Well, this website wants to answer this question in particular - using a combination of technology and patience. What you think? Shall we give it a try? Get your unique Soul number and set your password today - it will be the only password you will need in this life- or to be more precise in all your lives!

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